Current Members:

Current Members Not Pictured:

– Lingjun Xie, Graduate Student (lx110 at scarletmail dot rutgers dot edu)

– Dauphine Sguera, Undergraduate Researcher (das553 at scarletmail dot rutgers dot edu)

We are always looking for talented, hard-working and interested people to join us! Contact Sagar to know more about openings.

Former Members:

Post Doc

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Brahm Yachnin, PhD (to Visterra; Senior Scientist)
  • William Hansen, PhD (to Detect; Senior Scientist)
  • Illesha Patel
  • Shreyas Yedahalli, PhD (to Thermo Fisher India)
  • Nancy Hernandez, PhD (to FDA)
  • Marissa Jensen (to crisis counseling at ImAlive)
  • Srinivas Annavarapu (scientific writing professional)
  • Kristin Blacklock, PhD (to Molecular Surface Technologies; Senior Research Scientist)
  • Ashley Pokhai (to undergraduate researcher at Gene Hall Research Group, to graduate studies at VCU)
  • Aliza Rubenstein, PhD (to Mount Sinai Medical School, NYC for postdoc)
  • Grace Woolley
  • Lu Yang, PhD (to BP Biosciences, San Diego)
  • Nicole Koc (to Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine)
  • Manasi Pethe, PhD (to Scripps Research Institute, San Diego for postdoc)
  • Maria Shea (to FDA)
  • Michael Olson (Master’s student; to WuXi Apptech)
  • Jeremy Mahr (to NIAID)
  • Beidi Lu (Master’s student)
  • Dmitri Zorine (Research Assistant; to University Washington for graduate studies)
  • Denzel Zhu (to Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
  • Sophia Tan (to graduate studies at UCSF)
  • Jason Lin (to graduate studies at UCLA)
  • Natali Abreu (to Johnson & Johnson)
  • Deepak Gupta (to Rutgers Newark Medical School)
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